From London to Lapland – Local entrepreneur gets people away from the keyboard and embracing creativity

London, England, UK – January 19, 2018: AFK Retreats is an inspiring new startup by Robi Chowdhury that aims to host creative retreats for people around the world. AFK stands for ‘away from keyboard’ and the project is proudly introducing a wide range of retreats that will offer a complete peace of mind and that too, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The most amazing fact about the company is that it covers almost all parts of the world in its treks including the United Kingdom and it is already getting a phenomenal response.

“We host creative retreats for people around the world but unlike most digital detox type retreats, we actually go to unique places and do things like street photography in Marrakech or a hike in Swedish Lapland.” Said Robi Chowdhury, while introducing the company. Based in East London, Robi is a British born entrepreneur, writer and filmmaker of Bangladeshi origin, who has set his sights on the retreat industry in the UK. The idea came about after he began his own creative journey into art and was struggling to find like-minded groups to go with. The occasional painting holiday or retreat would be geared at solely a retired demographic, or inaccessible to the everyday artist or creative.

In a nutshell, AFK Retreats is a bespoke tour specialist service that offers a host of experiences based in and around the United Kingdom and worldwide. Robi is also a creative consultant, filmmaker as well as a photographer and with his multidimensional experiences, he is aiming to make these retreats more creative, stimulating and peaceful for his clients.

His future plans include days out and specialised expeditions for musicians that need field recordings, astrophotography weekend breaks and regular watercolour hikes around the UK.

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