Valtra A104 Tractor

SOLVARO supplies perfect-fit ventilation grilles for Valtra tractors

SOLVARO, the Kirchheim-based specialist for metal components, is supplying ventilation grilles for Valtra tractors that are such a precise fit that there is a visually seamless transition between the metal and plastic. The look, which has gone on to win multiple awards, was made possible by close cooperation between the two companies” development teams, which also allowed substantial savings to be made with regard to the deep-drawing tools used in production.

Tool-based savings
The work on developing the ventilation grilles for the Valtra A104 resulted in a reduction in tool costs. The bonnet features three sections made of perforated metal. A key aspect of the tractor”s design concept is the striking combination of plastic and metal, with the deep-drawn parts visually merging with one another seamlessly. Initially, two reinforcements were planned for the secure and perfect-fit installation of the ventilation grilles. This would have called for at least two adjustable tools for production – and therefore high tool costs. During development, SOLVARO ( was able to demonstrate that a solution with just a single reinforcement perfectly maintained the visual line, thereby resulting in substantial savings.

Both attractive and airy
Apart from realising a cool look, the primary requirement made of ventilation grilles is that they cool engines sufficiently. In the case of the Valtra A104, it is hexagonal perforation that allows for sufficient ventilation. The honeycomb-like hexagonal perforation is characterised in particular by good material stability coupled with a high level of air passage. The parts with 2-2.5 staggered hexagonal perforation and an open area of 64% feature deep-drawn sections, are cut using a 3D laser, and come EDP- and powder-coated and ready for assembly.

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