eon building system

EON unique eco-friendly energy saving building system

While building systems are nothing new, the team at EON has gone out of their way to bring together elements that make for an eco-friendly building place, a system that can be reused and, to quote Kjetil Sivertsen CEO of EON:

“Containing both corner and wall modules, our elements are the perfect eco-friendly solution for all types of single or multi-storage buildings. Our products are made with future generations in mind. We believe the main structure of the building should not have an expiration date. In line with this philosophy, our elements don’t expire.” 

To highlight this, EON outlines the benefits by putting out some impressive numbers.

25% lower carbon emissions while building
12% smaller carbon footprint from house operation
45% less energy used for heating

The company’s products are made with future generations in mind. EON believes the main structure of a building should not have an expiration date. In line with this philosophy, our elements don’t expire. 

Our patented solution uses significantly less wood and 20% less insulation which can be up to 20% more effective in comparison to traditional walls with the same U-value/insulation properties used in other low-energy houses. Using less wood means more living trees remain to keep our air clean.

Our elements can be reused for a lifetime. Elements used to build a kindergarten, for example, can be disassembled after 50 years and reused to build a retirement home. The same element can, in theory, shelter you for much of your life and do the same for your descendants.

Reduce building site waste. Our production process is designed such that the only waste from it is the packaging of our raw materials and we are dedicated to reducing that even further. 

The company’s EPDM gaskets come pre-attached to the elements from the factory, sealing them together to form water and windproof wall, which leads to reduced wind, water and moisture challenges. The wind and moisture barriers can either be plastic or a breathable membrane that is approved for use by various international institutes.

“The EON building system is energy efficient, insulates against external noise pollution and can optionally be delivered with greater fire-resistant properties. They are light to work with, something that, in many cases, eliminates the need for heavy machinery and, best of all, they can be customized,” says Kjetil Sivertsen, CEO of EON.

The company’s first house was built in 2019 and they will be showcasing their latest products at the “Bygg Reis Deg” trade fair in Lillestrøm this week. 

For more information please visit https://www.eonelement.com or contact us directly using 

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