Gift Boxes are an easy way to accentuate your gift value

Gifting styles, bags and wraps are constantly redefined with people turning more and more creative in their gift exchanging gestures. Carrier Bag Hut has added a new range to their already eccentric collection of packaging solutions on December 1, 2016, i.e. Gift Boxes. This is the best of their gift bagging range until now. The organisation is seeing this addition to be attracting more business from retail units, who have in past enquired and in many instances requested for customising these boxes for them. Carrier Bag Hut is now able to address and honour such enquiries in near real time. They have built the capacity with their suppliers from all over the globe and are able to address requests from all High Street Retailers. After hiring some designers with considerable experience from top-notch designing institutes and testing a sample batch of this range which includes small to large gift boxes with lids, Carrier Bag Hut now seems confident launching the new range.

So far Carrier Bag Hut is known for their robust quality, impeccable neatness and flawless design amongst their customers. Most of the customers and clients of this organisation are associated with them for a considerable time and thus the company’s approach to launching the new range post perfection and not blindly following the competition seem legitimate. In the current scenario, companies launch new products more for the competition than customers. This approach has lead to a serious decline in the loyalty amongst consumers, as the user keeps juggling between the brands for a better quality but unfortunately quality does not look to be a parameter anymore for competition.

In such circumstances, Carrier Bag Hut’s concern for quality has not only helped the organisation in gaining loyalty from their customers but also in enhancing their brand value.

About the Gift Boxes
The newest addition to the already exquisite range of packaging supplies is launched in multiple styles, design, colours and sizes. The gift boxes are launched in three types i.e. Matt, Gloss and Kraft. Matt and Gloss are further bifurcated into three types which are square, rectangle 1 piece and rectangle 2 pieces. The Matt and Gloss finish is given with the help of thermal lamination. The lamination film used by production team is 26 microns in thickness. The boxes are elegant as well as sturdy in nature. A cardboard of 300 GSM is used as the base sheet for these pieces. Designers of the organisation have used offset printing method to get the particular tint and perfection their clients are accustomed to by now.