BlamGlam: A Go-To Place For Entertainment is the go-to place for both Bollywood and Hollywood entertainment is the go-to place for entertainment.

BlamGlam, it’s all about entertainment, entertainment and entertainment. We specifically cover Bollywood, Hollywood, Fashion, Music, Lifestyle, Health and Fitness segments.

Why BlamGlam for entertainment? Why us and why not Vogue? This question must be on your mind.
If you have vogue like budget then go for Vogue, but if you want us, then our team will make sure you will be put there, where you want to be seen.

How BlamGlam can help you to get seen?
Discover new talents: BlamGlam covers every aspect of the segment mentioned earlier. Meaning, our platform’s web page does not only hold a place for big celebrities and artists but also for small artists who want to be noticed all across the world. Our platform is for talents and next time when we see unremarkable talent in the streets or a café or anywhere, We help them notice through our platform and we will write about them so that the whole world should witness their talent.

Create your portfolio for free
Anyone can create their portfolio with us and we don’t charge a single penny for it. You only have to make an account and fill out all the necessary details about yourself and work, and then you’re good to go.

The Entertainment platform that loves hearing from its audience
The audience plays a vital role in our brand. We love to hear from our audiences. BlamGlam bridges the connection gap by conducting polls, asking our audience what content they would like to see in their feed.
Therefore, we help them by providing them with what they want to see. Simple as that.

No prejudice on our platform
We don’t discriminate and entertain discrimination on our platform. Our vision is clear and we believe talent and entertainment have no gender, religion, and caste.

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