Designing a small drawstring bag with a fancy stitching

Using a fancy stitch with Mini Jute Bags to make a sewing project that is unique is not only good but a perfect choice. Nothing can be as comparable as creating several pieces for your home to serve as a gift item for your friend and family.
The thickness of the Plain Jute Bags increases as a thin layer of cotton wadding is used to produce a very nice decorative effect. Decorate the bag with either a French knot or a nice attractive bead to produce a nice sewing project to be proud of. Although using fancy stitches may take a lot of time, but the results is something to be admired with natural fragrance oils.

Examples of fancy stitches that make a drawstring bag unique.

– Twisted running stitch: List out the line of design with the running stitches, and with a thread go through and under the stitch, using a needle not sharp, but not through a fabric, to get a style like a twisted cord material.
– French knot: bring the needle up from the wrong side, wrap the thread over around the needle once or more times, and put the needle close to point where it out from, keeping thread tight to avoiding it producing a looping effect. Fill in spaces to make centers of flower. Otherwise quilting in the cross stitching.
– Magic chain is made like in form of a chain with two different threads in a needle. Keep a color to left holding the thread under the thumb; make a switch with other color. Bring the second color to the left or the next stitch and hold it under the thumb. Maintaining the flow. Stitches made of chain are in alternating colors with Warli Paintings.
– Couching: This entails sewing on a thread for decoration with Natural Incense powder. Tighten a heavy thread on the other side, leave the other side loose. With a second thread, attach it in a place at constant intervals with small stitches. This is used to outline the edge.
– Chain stitch: Bring the thread out form the other side, put the needle at the same point and take a stitch, holding the loop of cord with the left thumb. To produce an entirely different effect, whip the chains over with different color. This is mostly applied in a line especially on peasant specie of clothes.
The samples of fancy stitches above are only a few ideas of how fancy stitching can make your sewing work unique, outstanding and admirable with Small Jute Bags.