emex 2016

eTactica at EMEX: Energy Monitoring System that Provides Branch Level Monitoring

etactica logoThe release of the new energy monitoring system, eTactica, will soon be showcased at the Energy Management Exhibition (EMEX) in London, set to take place on November 16-17. The eTactica solution uses advanced technology and software to provide companies seeking to track and streamline their energy consumption with branch level monitoring, which achieves a new level of specificity for an electricity monitoring system.

The development of the eTactica solution began ten years ago, when the founder asked the question, “How can I monitor my clients’ electrical systems well enough to help them improve their efficiency, save energy, and prevent failures?” At the time, the available technology did not provide businesses with a satisfactory level of precision to aid them in truly understanding how they consumed energy. This became the starting point for eTactica, which focused on designing branch level monitoring, in addition to other metering devices, the Gateway and cutting edge software. The product was the comprehensive energy monitoring system that today serves retail stores, airports, restaurants, and many other locations.

At EMEX 2016, eTactica will introduce the Energy Monitoring Starter Kit, a simple and effective package with all the necessary tools to experience the eTactica energy monitoring system in any facility, in any industry. The Starter Kit comes with free access to eTactica software, and includes such electricity monitoring devices as the Power Meter (EM), Gateway (EG), Current Bar (EB-206), three pieces of Split Core CTs, and premade Modbus Cables and Power Supply. Full documentation and an installation manual are also included.

In today’s climate of heightened environmental regulations, increased demand for corporate social responsibility, and increased need for energy efficiency, businesses can look to eTactica’s innovative products, which have the flexibility to meet the demands of every sector, to aid them in aligning with the energy monitoring agenda.

Guðmundur Már Ketilsson
Business Developement Manager