Embracing Digital Business Transformation through Digital Me

Computacenter logoThe leading digital workplace solutions provider, Computacenter, is introducing businesses to the latest tools and expertise to implement digital transformation through “Digital Me.”

Digital Me is a people-based approach to helping companies generate greater efficiency, higher quality, and assured ongoing business success by empowering employees with digital tools and technologies that are right for them. Businesses and organisations of all types and sizes the world over are embracing digital transformation. In the course of workplace transformation, work processes are set to change beyond all recognition, with digital and artificial intelligence at the forefront of this change. Leaders and employees alike are embracing and utilising digital workplace solutions & services to ensure that their companies remain on track with the global trend.

Digital Me facilitates the ease of accessing a wide range of data, information, dashboards, and content from anywhere and at any time. This, in turn, enriches the conditions for more collaboration across departments and locations, increased capacity for creativity, improvements in decision-making, and reduction in time-to-market. By working within the new service-based economy and creating digital solutions that are structured around user engagement, and satisfaction for individuals and key groups of users, Digital Me empowers employees to act faster and more effectively across the entire business.

While the success of the Digital Me approach is measured by outcomes and meeting customers’ business objectives, the means by which this is achieved in based entirely on the specific workstyles and needs of the people within the company. Computacenter is committed to its own employees’ engagement as a measure of the success of its digital workplace solutions and uses this as a model for building digital identities for its customers that are calibrated to their exact requirements. The goal of digital workplace transformation is the enrichment of the working lives of people, as well as the  promotion of enhanced life/work balance so that in turn employees can better seize opportunities, improve quality of service, and consistently exceed customer expectations.

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