Fimmvörðuháls Volcano Tour

Day Hikes in Iceland — Fimmvörðuháls Volcano Tour

You don’t have to go far to experience the wonders of Icelandic nature—just go on a day hike! TREK Iceland, a leader in guided hiking tours, offers a variety of day hikes throughout Iceland, such as the day tour to the Fimmvörðuháls Volcano area in South Iceland. The Fimmvörðuháls tour, which encompasses the Thórsmörk Nature Reserve and several breathtaking volcanic sites, is among the best when it comes to Iceland´s volcano tours.

This day tour begins with a drive along the stunning south coast of Iceland to Seljalandsfoss, with views along the way of the Gígjökull glacier lagoon, which was transformed in 2010 by massive flooding in the area caused by the eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano. An experienced guide from TREK Iceland will transport hikers in a 4X4 Super Jeep across the rugged landscape of glacial rivers to the secluded highland Thórsmörk valley, located at the base of the magnificent Eyjafjallajökull volcano and the Mýrdalsjökull glacier, where the day hike will begin.

The 16 kilometer hike will take you to the summit of the Fimmvörðuháls volcanoes, affording incredible vistas along the way of geological formations that make Iceland’s landscape utterly unique. Glaciers, snowy mountains, volcanic craters and lava are some of the phenomena that hikers can expect to see on this 6-8 hour hike.

The experienced guides at TREK Iceland make it their priority to provide a safe environment for hikers, while at the same time sharing their knowledge about the history and geology of the land. Pick-up and drop-off for the Fimmvörðuháls Volcano day tour are provided and a check-list for what to bring can be found on TREK Iceland’s website.

As one of the premier companies offering trekking tours in Iceland, TREK Iceland offers year-round trips throughout the country, catering to all skill levels. To learn more about the Fimmvörðuháls Volcano day tour, as well as a variety of other tour packages, visit their website.

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