How to increase productivity in face of generational differences in the workplace

computacenter logoLiving in an era in which technology has developed at a speed that could never have been foreseen; it is little wonder if divisions between younger and older generations are somewhat present in the workforce, if not forming a generation gap. This at times when agile working collaboration and productivity are more important than ever.

On one hand, you have a group of young people who have grown up with technology and are completely adept with it, so much so that they barely have to think about what they’re doing; on the other, there’s the not so young bracket, who often have extreme difficulties getting their heads around such developments.

These young “Digital Natives” often have a different perspective of working life than their older counterparts. Their knowledge of technology has afforded them greater opportunities at a younger age, doors have been opened to them that previous generations would never have enjoyed. The insight guide will show how to integrate these groups’ contributions.

Office spaces changing to accommodate the Digital Natives; for instance, digital workspace, the view that it is not important to work in an actual office is widespread these days. Whether it is in a coffee shop, on a train or from the front room, as long as there’s an internet connection, work can be done.

But key thinkers from Computacenter have noted that unifying the workforce remains extremely important on how be more productive at work. Customer satisfaction is key to the success of any business, and this can only be achieved by a workforce that works together.
Says Jamie Allender: “We are able to cover networking, unified communications, audio visual, security, workplace technologies and, of course, Enterprise Mobility Solutions.”

Visit Computacenter’s campaign page to download the new Natural Habitats for Digital Natives Insight Guide.

Alex Brooks
Account Director
Octopus Group
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