Rolls Royce

The best wedding photos with a Rolls Royce hire

It may be true, a bride may not be able to fit as many wedding guests into a Rolls Royce hire, but these cars do have an added advantage in wedding photos. The advantage isn’t its pearly, white paint, because there are many car hire London companies that may offer white wedding cars. However, do they offer white wedding cars whose doors open on a rear hinge? This allows the wedding photographer to get wedding photos and not have a door frame in the photo. This is one of the small, but noticeable advantages when it come to choosing a car for any wedding or prom event. It helps to have a prom car hire where you can get the best photos with your friends, without worrying part of the car is blocking the best angle.

It is true a Rolls Royce hire may be more expensive than any other car hire in London, but it also has more power under the hood than any other hired car, including limousines. The Rolls Royce company has been around since 1904, when they began building engines for both cars and later airplanes. This makes the company’s engine more powerful than the stretch limos. However, Rolls Royces also have been known as a symbol of power since they first rolled off the assembly line because of their well-built engines. This is what makes these cars a good choice for a prom car hire or an any occasion car hire in London.

Why be stressed out if you are going on a trip or do need a wedding car hire Prom Car Hire? White Rolls Royces can pick up speed quickly because they do have power under the hood. When first built, the Rolls Royce was not considered a luxury car. However, today, Rolls Royce embody comfort and also give the impression of wealth. Most people may not know that the Rolls Royce Wraith may be a popular choice for those who need a wedding car or wedding cars in London. The Wraith, for example, has more than 1,600 optic lights on the ceiling. These lights are designed to give customers the impression of the stars in the sky and these lights are all hand-placed.

Couples do not need to worry about traffic on their way to the wedding because a professional, trained chauffeur can get couples to their wedding destination or reception. Couples should be able to enjoy their Rolls Royce Phantom hire in London in style. Did you know that the champagne flutes used in a Rolls Royce are a factory option that is only available certain models. However, couples can get champagne flutes as part of their wedding car or Rolls Royce hire.