TUJobs summarises the right way to leave your job

TUJobs summarises the right way to leave your jobA new article by TUJobs has summarised the right way to leave a job, ensuring that you leave on good terms with your employer.

TUJobs states that the most common way to quit a job is through a written notice to your manager. It should either be delivered in person or be sent through priority mail if you’re far away. Lawyer Knobloch Johannessen, stated that a verbal resignation also can be valid.

According to a survey by staffing agency Personalhuset Staffing Group show, 21 percent of employees in Norway have at one time or another ended employment because of difficult social conditions in the workplace. Just as many have been on sick leave for the same reason, and only three in ten address the problem with their manager.

For those considering a new job, January is the month with the highest activity in job listings, and is also a typical recruitment period for employers to list new jobs on the market.

In addition, the article states that the most common reasons to be let go of a job include failing work performances, improper behaviour such as harassment of others, collaboration problems, showing up late, or economical irregularities. There has to be an objective selection of who is to be fired, and the manager has to use factual criteria for the selection. What criteria to used can follow the wage agreement? The usual criteria are seniority and competence.

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