Crowdfunding site provides help and hope for Cancer Survivors

Angelic Relief recently launched its campaign to provide assistance for a local cancer survivor, in the midst of a battle to save her home. Terri Romano thought that after her long struggle to beat cancer was successful things were looking pretty good. Then she realized that the bills were mounting up, and with all the medical expenses, she watched helplessly as her life savings quickly depleted and soon disappeared.

In stepped Angelic Relief! Angelic Relief is the latest crowdfunding site founded by Jennifer Reinert and Maria Reinert of Largo Florida “We saw a need for funding various projects and people that wanted an outlet for support. With the new crowdfunding trend on the rise all over social media, we decided to perfect it by creating Angelic Relief.”

What sets Angelic Relief apart from other crowdfunding sites is the attention to detail and the local feel, even when dealing with international endeavors.

Angelic Relief joined forces with Terri Romano to get the word out and help establish awareness of her situation; then to supply a way to attain support financially. Terri may lose her home due to the overwhelming medical costs from her cancer treatment. Angelic Relief knows that nobody should have to endure that stress alone and is doing all they can to collect donations for Terri.

People can now easily donate through the website You can help give hope to a wide range of charitable causes, aiding with everything from medical and funeral costs, to any hardship or hiccups that life sometimes has.

“We have all been there, a time in our life when a helping hand would make all the difference in the world.” Maria Reinert states, “and knowing in an instant things can change for anybody… news from a doctor, or a car accident, or even an innocent animal or child cries for help. Now with Angelic Relief help is available.”

Angelic Relief is ready to assist in finding funds for charitable projects. Please visit the website and tell your story.

Contact Information: Maria Reinert 727-424-6730
PR contact: Brittany Lucent