First worldwide Book Series and Virtual World launch

Ramp Publishing and a UK design and programming team have joined forced to create the first launch of a tweens book series and on-line virtual world based on the book series. As each new book in the series is launched, secret new lands in the virtual world will be launched with clues to reach the new lands contained within the books and short stories released in the virtual world.

“We have created a wonderful virtual world which 8-14 year olds love and use to communicate with friends while playing games and building their own lands.

By linking reading with the virtual world, promoting a wide cultural range of heroes and having two strong, independent, intelligent characters of both genders we are creating strong personalities for this age group that will build a sense of travel, discovery and adventure while at the same time having a friendly, safe environment that parents love,” developer Rick Momsen states.

The Lost World Diaries virtual world will be launched in December 2014 for the Christmas season in unison with the first novel “The Door Beneath.” The site will have a giant Christmas party in the Grand Ballroom and New Years Eve party in the hidden village as well as lots of giveaways and the release of sensational short stories for tweens to launch the Lost World Diaries. Interested parties are invited to visit our site for more information at to get fantastic packages for a fraction of the cost and be involved in the development of a truly new integrated fun and safe form of entertainment for our kids.

By combining the two platforms we have managed to enhance a tweens experience of reading by integrating the environment in their imagination as well as allowing them to create their own and share with friends. In this age of increased on-line activity by tweens, the motivation to read shouldn’t be separated from the on-line world but enhanced and embraced by it. Just as Lego went from simple blocks and just our imagination to space and medieval worlds within those blocks, books and authors have a fantastic opportunity to enable readers to get lost in their worlds on so many platforms, not just within the pages. We have never had a greater opportunity to offer readers a world of imagination, on so many levels. Books aren’t finished they’ve just taken on a whole new life.