Bauhaus home design offered by home builders based in Dallas, TX

A Home building firm in Dallas creates building designs based on the Bauhaus style of architecture. This style of architecture was first introduced in 1919 in Germany by a school of that name. This style makes use of modern sensibilities without compromising on aesthetics.

Here in Dallas, the credit for reviving this school of designing goes to ace German home builder Marc Kleinmann. He lends his style influence to modern structures thereby creating structures that guarantee high performance even as he stays true to his European building sensibilities. Marc holds a degree in Real Estate Development and Construction Management from Germany and is a member of the NAHB or National Certified Green Professionals.

“We have created authentic designs ranging from Tuscan to mid century modern, yet without compromising on modern elements such as lowering energy bills etc. We have also handled a wide range of families including those who need to downsize their families and those who need to make space for a growing family,” says a spokesperson for Bauhaus Custom Homes. Customers can choose from one of the many designs available online at the company’s web address.

To begin with, customers ought to choose from one of the many deigns currently available on the internet. They have won several awards and accolades including the best DF Home in 2012 and 13 respectively. They’re also winners of the ARC foundation Awards and have been awarded the best.

About Bauhaus Custom Homes:

Bauhaus Construction Business is an important construction company in Dallas, Texas. The team is headed by Marc Kleinmann and managed by his team of skilled architects to build houses that are functional as well as aesthetically pleasing.

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