Lake Studio apartments in Jumeirah Towers show flourishing trends

Offering enchanting views and experience of living in one of the fastest bourgeoning cities of the world, Jumeirah Lake Towers stands among one of the most luxurious developments of Dubai.  The majestic towers are very closely situated to the various cultural attractions and restaurants of Dubai Marina.
According to a report acquiesced by and hailing as good news for the students or single owners, the studios available in the Jumeirah Lake Towers, show a very promising trend when it comes to prices related to respective purchases of properties. In comparison to prices, the friendly studios remain stable despite all the fluctuations caused by the unfavourable events occurring in the market since 2011.
The prices of studios increased from Dhs 444,000 in the first quarter of 2011 to Dhs 550,000 in the last quarter of 2012. If we observe the escalation of prices we may notice that though the change is not as great as its competitors but still it remains gradual. Furthermore during the second quarter of 2013, according to the report, the prices rose to Dhs 625,449. This depicts a very promising trend to the investors as the gradual increase in the prices show that the property there is trustworthy and it is not merely a hype created by the developers to get their product sold.
The exclusive pricing trend of apartments in Jumeirah Lake Towers sets a seal to the fact that people have lived in the towers for a long time as compared to the rapid growth of the emirate and they have developed a positive opinion on the matter that it’s a worthwhile place to live in. That is the sole reason why the apartments in Jumeirah Lake Towers are one of the most preferred residential places in Dubai and their prices are rising with every passing day.

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