Understanding the cons of fruits & vegetables.

We have only come across the beneficiaries who are summated with the correct consumption of the fruits & vegetables & all the nutritive values that are supplied to our body according to their varieties. But, hardly do we know that, these are also the integral pigments which can cause fatal ailments associated to the health.

According to the novel researches conducted by the prominent scientists, they have revealed that fruits & vegetables contribute to about 46% of the cases related to food poisoning as compared to such occurrences when meat & poultry are considered which ranges up to 22% only. The scientists claim that green leafy vegetables which include lettuce, spinach etc. are the main ingredients to such fatal causes. It mainly happens due to the fact that such vegetables are consumed raw & so the bacterial microbes that are present in such vegetables which are alive make their way to the gastro-intestinal system.

The green vegetables which are previously cut & later preserved in plastic bags & then sold in the markets are the carriers of all those infectious microbes that cause foodborne ailments.
The researchers reveal that meat is cooked in high temperatures & takes time get cooked properly. Thus, all the harmful bacterial microbes which are present within them are killed which happens due to the greater temperatures as well as pressure. On the other hand, most of the vegetables are consumed fresh, but raw, eventually which raises the risks of infections that are led due to the bacterial microbes & thus when consumed, adversely hamper the health of the individual.

E.coli, salmonella etc. are some of the common gastro-intestinal organisms which enact harmfully on the health & cause a number of fatal illnesses. In certain cases, it has also been observed that bagged salad can also lead to kidney failure.

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