Cancer & Alzheimer’s disease diagnosing correlations –

A recent study has declared with the reports that senior people who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease possess lower chances of being affected with certain forms of fatal cancer whereas on the other hand, it has also been observed that all those elder people who have been suffering from cancer possess slight chances of getting affected by Alzheimer’s disease. Thus, it has been observed that both the ailments are said to occur with the advancement of age, there is only need to discover effective treatment measures to safeguard health from both the cases.

The eminent scientists took into consideration approximately 2 lakh people who ranged about 60 years of age & even beyond it. It was studied that there were about 21000 people who had been diagnosed with the developments of cancer & there were approximately 2800 candidates who had shown the signs of suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

There were somewhat 161 cases who were suffering from both cancer as well as Alzheimer’s disease& the number was expected to be about 281 for the cancer patients & 246 for the Alzheimer’s disease- patients according to the basis of the occurrence in the people. Thus, the risks of the occurrences of the fatal ailments in both the cases reduced considerably. Thus certain treatment measures were also provided to such patients, but there was possibility of the arrival of new symptoms which also include the problems that were related to the memory & this mainly occurred due to the effects of undergoing chemotherapy, as per the cases of cancer.

It was somehow observed that the chances of survival in both the cases were poor which not a factor that could be controlled was. These were some of the studies that were conducted by a team of proficient scientists.

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