Rancho Cordova Personal Injury Attorney Assists Car Accident Victims

The Law Offices of Adams & Corzine, a practice established by highly regarded Rancho Cordova personal injury attorney Douglas Adams, is offering assistance for individuals that have been involved in car accidents and other vehicular mishaps. Providing a strong focus on personal injury and automobile accident cases, the firm’s lawyers possess extensive experience in litigation and mediation.

Despite stricter enforcement, road accidents are still a prevalent occurrence, with approximately 40,000 of the 6,000,000 vehicular accidents occurring each year resulting in fatalities. To ensure that the rights of injured victims are well-protected, the firm thoroughly evaluates each case at hand to determine if any negligence is involved. Current legislation assures any victims of competent representation against parties that have operated a vehicle under the influence.

Similarly, motorcyclists can seek legal assistance in accidents brought about by poor road conditions. Problems with visibility and the design of the roadway can contribute to mishaps that can affect both motorists and any bystanders. Having handled numerous cases involving motorcycle injury and death, the firm is committed to uphold their clients’ rights in court.

Meanwhile, buses, trucks, and big rigs have the capacity to cause major destruction because of their massive size. The practice is highly knowledgeable in the rules and regulations that owners and operators of these equipment need to comply with. In these types of accidents, Adams & Corzine has provided assistance to injured parties as well as vehicle owners and operators.

Individuals looking for an attorney in Folsom, CA can turn to Adams & Corzine for their dedication in providing the best possible outcome for their clients. For more information, visit www.ACLawyers.com.

About The Law Offices of Adams & Corzine

Douglas Adams, Jeff Corzine, and Michael Pazdernik are the attorneys at law who contribute their expertise to their diverse clientele. Their reputation for reliability has made them a premier choice for noted trucking and insurance companies seeking legal assistance.