Go Electrical Introduce Retro Fridges By Smeg and Gorenje

It seems the charm of the 50s is beginning to make its way back into our kitchens with many top brands creating retro fridges, dishwashers, radios, freezers, fireplaces and other small appliances. North Yorkshire based appliance supplier Go Electrical, have added a wide selection of funky vintage gadgets to their range. 50s style fridges and freezers by trusted brands such as Gorenje and Smeg feature many stylish, quirky and classy designs.

Consumers can select a colour and style to match their kitchen decor or really get visitors talking with wacky designs such as the Smeg colourful candy striped fridge. Gorenje offer many stylish, neutral vintage fridge freezers, including cream, burgundy and royal coffee designs.

The A++ energy rating is a real advantage (as is the five year warranty) and allows users to store chilled goods without worrying about the electricity cost. Inside the fridge are many modern touches, including glass shelves which add a touch of class and have an antibacterial protection to make food last longer.

Of course, these fridges are not limited to the kitchen, Go Electrical offer models in all shapes and sizes, so you can brighten up your office, garage, games room or student flat with a smaller design. As well as fridges and freezers, Go Electrical also supply retro radios such as the Roberts RD60 DAB Portable. With luxury leather finishes in a range of quirky patterns, this radio has a real nostalgic 50s style – including traditional rotary buttons for tuning and volume control. Combine the stylish, vintage look with an awesome modern sound quality and this radio really is music to your ears.

Consumers can continue the retro theme across their kitchen with Smeg 50s dishwashers available in a range of pastel and bright colours, quirky clocks, colourful blenders and KitchenAid mixers. To view the Go Electrical retro range visit their website or call 08442 491001 for more information.