Gastric Balloon: An Alternative for Weight Loss

When people want to lose their weight and conventional treatments like diet therapy, increased physical activity and drug therapy shows to be a failure, there are a few successful and popular options such as gastric band or gastric sleeve operations and gastric balloon treatment.

Even people whose BMI is below 35 can go for a gastric balloon treatment.To know how the gastric balloon works in one’s body is interesting.

The gastric balloon is a non-surgical operation which demands only 20- 30 minutes of time. The silicone balloon positionedendoscopicallyfilled with liquid partly fills the stomach and gives the patient a feeling of fullness. This eventually reduces the eating capacity and calorie intake of the person. If you are looking to shred 9-18 kgs,it is an ideal way. Those who are afraid of surgeries and pi lls can also opt for this treatment.

The surgeon may shrink the gastric balloon by removing the saline solution, after six months. The balloon can be taken out through the nasal passage. Though the gastric balloon treatment is a popular weight loss treatment, it might not be ideal for morbidly obese. It is a short term plan for rapid weight loss.

How is the Gastric Balloon different?

It is completely different from a gastric band surgery or gastric sleeve. It’s not a diet, it’s not surgery, it’s not a pill, it is a novel and proven system of weight-loss.When a person chooses this method he/she will:

• Have a feeling of fullness after meals to encourage portion control
• Lose more weight than a calorie controlled diet
• Have the benefits of a non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical approach

And moreover, the cost involved in gastric balloon is very low when compared to other kinds of treatments for obesity. However, Gastric Balloon treatment cannot be considered as a long-term solution for weight loss. It is not a magic antidote that can make the extra pounds disappear at the blink of an eye. The patient is advised to follow strict diet and spend some time exercising to get the full benefit of this treatment.

Gastric balloon surgery motivates one to harness the craving for food and emotional eating. Healthy food choices and exercises along with clinical treatment are the only way to beat obesity.

If you are in Scotland and is looking for a weight loss treatment clinic, there are many that offer gastric balloon and other weight loss treatments like Gastric Band Surgery. Always be sure to go for a certified weight loss clinic.