Discover the different patterns of monogram cake toppers

Cake toppers are catching high on demand and there is variety of themes to choose from depending upon the occasion as well as the mood of the host. There are monogram cake toppers, funny cake toppers, wedding cake toppers, birthday cake toppers as well as toppings for general occasion. Different people have different choices and the toppings are chosen keeping the taste in mind. Any kind of topping can create a high impact provided it suits the personality of the person for whom the cake is intended.

Cake toppers in monogram style are recently becoming very popular owing to the simplicity and the grace which they depict. Most people are opting for these cake toppers as it looks very unique and gives new dimension to their personality. Moreover, there is wide scope for utilizing one’s own creativity to make it more attractive and increase the curiosity among the onlookers.

Monogram involves designs comprising of a single or more than one letters which generally are taken from the initials of the person’s name. This type of cake toppers are the preferred choice for most people for their wedding cakes.

The letters chosen are stylishly crafted which sits on top of the cake. These letters often signify some special traits of the groom or the bride or sometime even both.

Albeit they may tempt you from their sight but it is recommended go take few tips into consideration prior to finalizing on such cake toppers. There are a lot of minute things which if taken into consideration can leave the look of the topping. First and foremost is your personal choice as these toppings are available in two broad categories of designs; contemporary and formal.

If you are very effeminate then choosing the formal style will be most appropriate as they are more feminine. They are also very fancy and elegant leaning slightly more towards the style of the girl going to tie the nuptial knot. However, if both groom and bride need to be given equal significance then contemporary style monogram cake toppers will be perfect. They are less fancy but have a more modern touch.

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