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The video game market has exploded over the last few decades, developing into a multi-billion dollar global industry. College students are now majoring in video game design and programming, renowned actors are doing video game voiceovers, and people are crowding into arenas to watch video game competitions. The video game industry has its own awards, publications, and living legends. Among the fans, there are players, collectors, critics, scholars, and every possible combination. Video game appreciation has moved from simple recreational home enjoyment to a subculture to a real international culture, involving millions of participants of various types.

One of the latest trends in video game participation, a trend that appears to be turning into a lasting form of participation, is vintage video game collection and play. Many players have been alive long enough to remember the “old days” of early video game systems, and they seem to enjoy the nostalgia of the older games. While the newest technologies are always thrilling to a serious gamer, some say that some of the old games just had a certain quality that is hard to find now. Some gamers play the old games because they remind them of their youth, or because they believe the graphics leave more to the imagination, or because they enjoy the story lines or themes of those games. There could be many reasons why modern video game players also like the game from the 80’s and 90’s. In some cases, people are simply collectors at heart, and like the idea of having a collection of systems and games that spans the ages. For whatever the reason, vintage video game collection has really caught on in America, and one website is making it easier than ever before.

Dinkydana.com is a video game collector’s dream come true. This website is run by gamers, for gamers. It is designed to assist video game collectors to find exactly what they want, and to get it conveniently and inexpensively. This site has an extensive list of information about used video game stores all over the United States, as well as store reviews, game reviews, a video game podcast series, and a titanic price list that covers virtually every video game that ever existed, for every system.

The creators of the website have no affiliation with any particular game company, so their information is unbiased and thoroughly researches, presented with the individual gamer’s best interest in mind. A representative of Dinkydana.com explained, “This website is truly a labor of love. We want to help gamers like us find anything and everything they could need or want, find it conveniently in their local areas, and find it at the best price possible. It’s all about helping real people to get the most out of their gaming experiences so that they can enjoy the games as much as we do. Whether they want a review of the latest first-person shooter games, or information to find the best price in their home town on a vintage console system they remember from childhood, we try to have them covered 100%.” So far, the fans of this website seem to agree that they are succeeding in their mission, setting a new standard in video game-related online information sources.

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Dinkydana.com offers a wealth of information to video game enthusiasts of all types. This website provide locations and reviews of used video game stores all over the United States, as well as a video game podcast series, a very highly developed price guide, and other valuable information for video game players and collectors.

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