New Green Products for Residential and Commercial Needs

Bishop Heating Inc., a Bryant air conditioner dealer serving the North Shore area, has today debuted a range of new green air conditioning products.

Highland Park, IL (PRWEB) 31, May 2012 – Bishop Heating Inc., a Bryant air conditioner dealer serving the entire North Shore area, has today announced the availability of new green air conditioning products. These cutting-edge systems provide substantial savings, enhanced operational and power efficiency, and allow residents and businesses to reduce their carbon footprint.

One of the most impressive offerings from Bishop Heating Inc. is the line of Bryant geothermal heat pumps. Traditional heat pumps offer significant savings over air conditioning units, but geothermal heat pumps take it even further. According to this Bryant air conditioner dealer, geothermal heat pumps allow homeowners to take advantage of the constant temperature within the earth.

Geothermal heat pumps work by circulating air several feet below the surface of the earth, where the temperature is constant, operating like a heat exchange system. This ensures that the HVAC system does not have to work as hard to raise or lower the air temperature before pumping it into the home.

Bishop Heating Inc., a Bryant air conditioner dealer, offers a range of geothermal heat pump solutions to fit different home sizes and budget requirements. These include the Bryant GT-PE, GT-PG, GT-PX and GT-PW series heat pumps. Outdoor split systems and water-to-water systems are available for customers.

Of course, for homes where geothermal heat pumps are not optimal, this Bryant air conditioner dealer offers a wide selection of traditional AC systems, traditional heat pumps and other solutions. In addition to air conditioning systems, Bishop Heating Inc. also provides a range of services to help ensure that homes enjoy the highest efficiency ratings possible, including maintenance agreements, ventilation service, custom sheet metal fabrication, warranties and custom system design to meet a variety of different needs.

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