Fix Corrupt SQL Server Database With Free Of Cost Consultation Provided By Company

This release has been publicized for the readers in order to spread awareness about the free of cost consultation provided by the company for SQL Recovery software application that helps users fix corrupt SQL Server database within a secure range of recovery. The release has been used for informing the users about the free of cost consultation because most of the users approach this company’s software solution via its articles and press releases published on some of the most renowned submission websites.

According to the company most of their users have approached them with the knowledge about the ( SQL Recovery tool via one of the software articles but due to less knowledge about the purchase procedure the users approach consultation hence, this release is being published to inform such users that the consultation session provided doesn’t include any price i.e. the users don’t have to pay any amount for the consulting the support members as the consultation is provided FREE of cost.

Meanwhile Evan Swans the Director of Product Development department had to say the following said as: “The support department was receiving much more emails than calls while the users also said that emails consumed there extra time but as they weren’t sure about the pricing of consultation they enquired about their queries via emails. Hence, this looked like an issue to the support team members and in order to provide the users with the ease of contacting the support team members the Mr. Cain; support department head asked for the permission to publish a release informing about the consultation being absolutely free of cost. This decision was taken in the favor of the users as it has always been our motto to provide the users with technical solution along with ease and so the ease also includes the freedom of enquiring their queries related to the procedure to ( fix corrupt SQL Server database.”

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