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Buying lamps and ballasts from Light Bulb Surplus would mean plenty of savings. This is an online store where customers can find Compact Fluorescent bulbs and other varieties of light bulbs of different shapes, sizes and colors. Many believe that the quality of light emitted from such lamps is not as good as the incandescent lamps.

As a matter of fact, these lamps not only produce the same quality of light as that of the conventional lamps, but also save plenty of energy. This would help the individuals buying such bulbs in bringing down their electricity bills to a great extent.

Dimmable and standard LED floodlights are also available on this website for customers looking for a cheaper alternative to the CFLs, halogen and incandescent lamps. These lightbulbs do not contain mercury and are highly energy-efficient. They have more number of hours to their life and use only 12 watts of electricity. These lights protect the eyes and are friendlier to the environment as they contain no harmful substances. Light Bulb Surplus offers the best price for these lights and the customers have many different shapes and sizes to choose from.

Metal halide lamps can also be purchased from Light Bulb Surplus at attractive discounts. Extensive styles of these lamps having different wattage ratings are available on the website. These have an average life that is ten times more than that of incandescent lights. Their output is like that of a natural sunlight which makes them ideal for aquariums and indoor plantations. Due to the efficient lighting that these lamps provide, the total number of lamps required in a particular place can be lessened. They can be purchased either for indoor or outdoor use as ambient temperature hardly affects them.

Light Bulb Surplus also offers many other lamps such as fluorescent tubes, halogen lamps, HPS, color bulbs and UV lamps. Customers can also get many types of replacement light bulbs on the website. They can also take advantage of the reward points program that Light Bulb surplus offers. All the visitors to the website can get top-quality lamps of their choice at affordable prices. This is made possible due to the large volumes of these lamps purchased from the leading manufacturers. The top 30 light bulb websites are researched to choose the most affordable prices for customers. For more information about the websites and different types of lamps offered through it, visit