Make A Tired Handbag Fashionable Using Stylish Feathers

There comes a time when an accessory such as a purse or handbag has honestly seen better days, and is starting look a little tired, worn and old fashioned. That’s the moment when the best thing to do is revamp the look of the bag in question using stylish birds feathers. Even the simple addition of a single ostrich fringe can completely transform the feel of a bag which was previously well past its best.

For many years, feathers in UK had an exotic, glamorous image, thanks to the way in which they were used to make stylish feather boas, or as a risqué prop for upmarket burlesque fan dancers. This image has maintained to the present day, and has been combined with an up to the minute fashionableness which works across a wide range of areas. An ostrich feather can be used, for example, to decorate clothing, as an item of jewellery or as the basis of a bespoke and highly individual hair extension. Not only all of that, but the look can be carried through the entirety of your look by feathers being used to revamp and decorate a tired and worn looking purse or handbag.

The way in which you choose to utilise the fathers in question to completely alter the look of a handbag will depend upon the original appearance of the handbag and to the degree of change which you wish to bring about. For some people, this will mean merely a simple feather or two strategically placed to cover any blemishes and lift the general feel of the bag in question. Others, on the other hand, may choose to go for the glamorous, exotic look which one would usually associate with feather boas, using an ostrich fringe and a selection of other small & large feathers to completely cover the bag and create the look and feel of a whole new accessory.

Once you’ve transformed your bag in this manner you can look forward to many people stopping to make complimentary comments, to ask if they can touch the feathers in question, and to beg you to explain how exactly you went about creating such a fantastic look. Not only is the use of feathers stylish and aesthetically pleasing, but it will also save you significant amounts of money. The feathers themselves are relatively inexpensive and reworking the bag will be significantly cheaper than having to go out and buy a new one.

A handbag which has been decorated in this manner will be more than merely a place to keep your purse, your make-up and your front door key. It will be a fashion statement in its’ own right and a way of making an impact to go along with your hair, jewellery and clothing. If you really want to get noticed, then an ordinary handbag won’t do the job anything like as well. Carrying a handbag that’s unique, fashionable and visually impressive will apply the finishing touch to your favourite party outfits.