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Video game stores have popped up all over the world, offering the latest and greatest new thrills and chills for the minds of eager players. From the earliest days of simple console games, video games have developed into a multi-genre, multi-billion dollar industry. Whether a player is interested in sports, action, role-playing, strategy, fantasy, racing, or horror games, anyone of any interest is likely to find many games to meet his or her tastes.

In fact, the average player is probably not even aware of all of the various games that exist out there, even within his or her favorite genre. With the many different systems and games released, it is almost impossible to stay on top of the greatest games, past and present. Fortunately, there are resources available to help collectors and players navigate their way through the complex world of video game stores and online trading. is chief among the video game collectors’ resources because it was created by gamers, for gamers. This complex and impressive website includes many special features that are a true gift to video game enthusiasts. Like many other game websites, this site includes insightful reviews of games, new and old. It also offers entertaining and informative videos of flea market shopping, game play, and other activities. However, one of its most impressive features is its vast price guide, which includes virtually every video game ever made, hundreds and hundreds of video games listed by system, title, genre, buy price, and sell price. This is an extremely useful feature for buyers and traders of video games, and it is designed to be accessible via smart phone. This means that gamers who find games, new or old, at video game stores or flea markets, can quickly and easily look up the fair price for the game, and make an educated decision of whether or not to purchase the game.

Another useful feature of is its exhaustive directory of video game stores around the country. This impressive list of stores is organized by state and city. After clicking on the city, visitors are given a list of video game stores in that city, which come with contact information, links, and even maps and directions. This is especially good for game collectors who have relocated to a new town, or who would like to stop by and pick up some new games while they travel on vacation. is truly unique because it is a website that is meant to help game players and collectors, to make their hobby more enjoyable and affordable. The combination of videos, podcasts, articles, reviews, price guides, and store directories fulfills the creator’s wishes that the site become a “one stop shop” for video game enthusiasts.

About has earned a reputation as one of the most popular sites for players and collectors of video games. The site includes links to video game stores across the nation and a video game price list that includes hundreds of games. For more information, please visit