The Golf College provides unique Golf Academy Training in the UK

The Golf College is setting up its students for a career in golf with its unique golf academy style training course.

The two year course which is aimed at GCSE qualified school leavers aims to teach all the academic, administrative and physical skills required to carve out a career in the golfing industry. Golf College graduates are given a full set of tools to carve out a career in the area of the industry best suited to them, from professional tour golfing to involvement in organising tournaments or designing new golf brands.

The golf academy course run by the Golf College has a nominal minimum requirement of four GCSE passes at grade C or higher with English and Maths being two of the qualifications. The Golf College is able to assist promising golfers with their academic qualifications in the right circumstances.

The golf academy course run by the Golf College is backed up by highly qualified staff. Ex professional golfers, putting experts, driving experts and sports psychologists join forces to provide a rounded golf education to every student.

The Golf College is also able to provide local family hosting accommodation for golf academy students who live too far away to commute.

The Golf College provides a two year golf academy course for young UK golfers. The College aims to provide every student with a complete set of mental and physical tools for a career in golf.

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