Recruitment management focus of new business white paper by SuccessFactors

London, United Kingdom – (03/04/2012) – To accompany the SuccessFactors’ business seminar in London, the SAP company and global Business Execution software provider, has released a white paper.

The paper, titled How to Source and Select the Best Hires, focuses on recruitment management, and explains how to implement a highly successful recruiting process to ensure the best candidates are chosen for the job.

In the white paper, two fundamental aspects of recruitment are discussed:

  • How to source the best candidates?
  • How to select the best candidates?

These questions form the basis for designing an effective recruiting process. They are intended as a starting point for a dialogue that should include senior management representing operations and finance, as well as the HR department.

The new white paper is related to a seminar taking place in London on Wednesday 25th April 2012, both of which are part of the Business Transformation campaign. The campaign focuses on how workplaces are rapidly changing shape and the impact this is having on recruitment strategies.

By aggregating data from across an organisation and using the right analytics, business metrics and human capital tools, it is possible to identify gaps in the skills of a workforce that are required to deliver strategic goals. Once the weaknesses are identified, the gaps can be filled through smart recruitment, targeted training and the use of innovative collaboration technologies. Only then can an organisation begin to transform the performance and delivery of a strategy.

The company offers solutions to integrate workforce and business performance data to drive deeper understanding of how they can transform their workplace into a high performing organisation with the latest workforce management tools and analytics.

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