Wheeler’s gopher control methods that work

Wheeler’s Home Pest Control is the leading provider of gopher control, extermination and removal services in Orange County and Los Angeles County. Effective gopher control methods can permanently prevent gophers from returning in the future.

Gophers are particularly destructive pests. Because they do not hibernate, they can live in yards year round. What is especially troubling about gophers is that much of the damage they cause is not visible.

Everyone is familiar with the holes gophers dig as they create their underground tunnels. They even destroy plants and grass which they use for food. The holes damage yards and the overall landscaping aesthetic. Gophers may even gnaw on outdoor furniture or lawn equipments such water hoses or sprinklers.

What is less obvious is that when left uncontrolled, the tunnels can seriously destabilize the ground including areas around underground piping. This can create annoying and costly maintenance repairs. It is best to immediately deal with gophers considering their tunnels can grow to be 2,000 square feet in size and go be several feet deep.

Wheeler’s Home Pest Control uses several methods to remove gophers including baiting, trapping, and fumigation. The exact method used is determined by an assessment of the problem and the extent of damage already caused by the gophers. What makes Wheeler’s Home Pest Control unique is that they follow up on all removals to be sure there are no return of gophers.

Baiting is a preferred elimination method of Wheeler’s. It involves placing poison bait directly inside a gopher tunnel. Gophers eat the bait and die in the tunnel. This can be a bit tricky in terms of knowing the number of gophers that need to be baited. Professionals place bait at several points along the tunnel by using a tool to drill down into the ground so the bait lands on the tunnel floor.

Trapping is another effective way to eliminate gophers. Traps are typically baitless and kill gophers when they are caught. Professionals are able to determine the precise locations to set traps for maximum results. This reduces the time involved which allows clients to manage costs.

Fumigation is the elimination of gophers by using a toxic gas that kills them once they breathe it in. These are low-dosage fumigants that are not harmful to the soil. Professionals often fumigate gopher tunnels. Fumigation works best if it is known exactly where gophers at a given point in time.
It is not uncommon for professionals to use methods in combination for quick and permanent solutions to gopher removal. Fumigation and baiting are particularly effective when used in concert. Because fumigants can dissipate, baiting provides a backup measure for elimination.

Wheeler’s Home Pest Control hires professional staff with years of experience in gopher control. Ongoing training is provided to maintain high quality service delivery. Because new pests can take over after a removal, Wheeler’s offers monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly service plans in addition to their one time clean out option. These are convenient and affordable alternatives to keep homes and businesses free of gophers.

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