Stratford Tour: Discover the birthplace of Shakespeare

As far as day tours from London are concerned, Stratford is one of the most apposite places to explore, and can entice an array of ages. For example, potential things to do range from hiring bikes and riding down Stratford Greenway, to visiting Falstaff’s Experience, to maybe playing some mini golf. It is imperative that fans of Harry Potter experience the Creaky Cauldron on their Stratford sightseeing tour.

Even set off on a hot air ballooning flight, for a truly extraordinary experience. There is no question that your experience will become etched in your mind. Be entranced by remarkable, sweeping perspectives over some captivating countryside landscapes.

For a calming yet stunning experience, why not try boating down the River Avon? Or, alternatively, simply traverse along the banks of the River Avon, for a charming experience in itself. Children are certain to be intrigued and fascinated by the variety of eclectic open air performers at Bancroft Gardens.

This small selection of potential things to do in Stratford upon Avon puts paid to the myth that Stratford is only worth visiting if you wish to explore attractions related to Shakespeare.

A Stratford tour should, however, still include sights connected to Shakespeare: he is the most well-known of the town’s residents, past and present. The Shakespearience is a wonderful attraction which will leave children captivated by Shakespeare. It communicates Shakespeare in a refreshing and distinctive way, making use of extraordinary special effects and pioneering technology.

The ultimate attractions in Stratford upon Avon include Stratford Butterfly Farm and, of course, the eminent Royal Shakespeare Theatre. Amble through a tropical rainforest at enchanting Stratford Butterfly Farm. View numerous kaleidoscopic butterflies along your way, in addition to Koi Carp and sunbirds. Come close to threatening spiders in absolute safety in Arachnoland and explore Insect City. Be enthralled by a mesmerising play at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, one of the most legendary theatre companies in the world.

It is truly worth taking Stratford tours. Why, you may ask? Well, this market town thrives with arrays of diverse, eclectic activities for any visitor. Go on a day tour from London.

Or, for the ultimate day tour, why not try a Golden Tours package such as an Oxford, Stratford, Cotswolds tour from London?

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