Growing wave of career prospects for engineers in the UK Water Industry

Employment in the UK Water Industry provides an opportunity for a stable career with attractive development and growth prospects.

The UK is at the forefront of the global water industry. With an historical reputation for innovation and global influence in water and wastewater treatment, the continually evolving framework of regulation and investment in the UK Water Industry nurtures a world –class industry requiring the skills and knowledge of over 160,000 individuals covering a broad range of disciplines and expertise.

The total UK water market is estimated to be over £8billion in 2010, with forecast low single digit growth over the next five years.

The regulatory regime in the UK municipal water industry is based on 5 year management plans, creating an investment profile of fixed prices over 5 year periods.

This mechanism fundamentally guarantees the levels of income and investment that water service providers have available over the forthcoming 5 year period, meaning that the water sector is somewhat ‘sheltered’ from the wider economic uncertainties facing competitive businesses in unregulated markets.

Employment in the UK Water sector is less volatile and considered more secure than in adjacent industries. The challenges being faced by UK water sector make it an exciting place to work, and ensure that it will remain at the forefront of a globally recognized and respected industry. Many experienced UK Water employees progress to become active within the ‘global water industry’, contributing to the export of highly regarded and sought after UK Water Industry talent to address some of the more pressing water and wastewater challenges across the globe. Above all, investment levels are set for the next five years and employment prospects are good across a broad range of disciplines and experience levels.

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