Find painters and electricians in Norwich with JobSorted, the online tradesmen directory, provides users with a database of reliable, local tradesmen such as painters, electricians and plumbers in Norwich and East Anglia, as well as the rest of the UK.

To find local tradesmen, users are simply required to register free of charge and enter their contact details. Once registered, customers can then search for local tradesmen, post jobs to receive quotes, and also provide recommendations on jobs that have been completed.

JobSorted lists over 200,000 tradesmen from all over the country, allowing customers to connect with local, recommended tradesmen who work to the highest standard.

Account holders can leave feedback, which is then displayed on the site so homeowners can make an informed decision about who to pick based on peer experience.

To search, simply enter the trade type required and your postcode, then JobSorted returns a list of tradesmen that match the specific criteria. In addition, there is an emergency callout button for work that needs to be attended to immediately.

Additionally, the online directory works with leading Government approved industry bodies who keep up to date registers of tradesmen qualified to carry out work to the latest standards set out under Building Regulations – ensuring even more security for homeowners.

To find painters and electricians in Norwich, as well as learn more about JobSorted, visit