Connect 2 Cleanrooms Providing modular cleanroom solutions that fit, anywhere in the world

Connect 2 Cleanrooms are proving they will travel the distance to meet customer’s needs. In the last month alone we have installed modular cleanrooms in France, Holland, Switzerland and Saudi Arabia, as well as in the UK.

Connect 2 Cleanrooms’ reputation for providing a customer focused solution is growing and every element of their service is tailored for each individual client; whether it be the flexible design capacity or willingness to travel.

Their focus is firmly on providing a quality product with excellent customer service. A designated Connect 2 Cleanrooms Project Engineer is assigned to each project and every cleanroom is bespoke; designed in-house by qualified engineers, who use their expertise to guide and advise clients on how to maximise an investment through effective design.

Connect 2 Cleanrooms remain committed to growing their share of the UK market as well as internationally. The Connect 2 Cleanrooms team has grown over recent years with additional Project and Installation Engineers.

More recently, the introduction of a new Marketing team and Product Development Engineer is evidence that Connect 2 Cleanrooms is an aspirational company with vision.

The modular style of cleanroom benefits from some distinct advantages in the cleanroom market in comparison to the traditional build cleanrooms:

– short lead time

– low cost

– can create a localised clean environment in an existing warehouse or laboratory

– can be altered and expanded with additional units to increase the span

This unique benefit means investment can be managed in stages to ensure cost-effective ROI at all times; for every client, anywhere in the world.

Connect 2 Cleanrooms are industry leaders in creating modular cleanroom solutions for critical environments, both in the UK and internationally. The company designs and manufactures hard and soft wall cleanrooms in-house and delivers quality cleanroom solutions to meet the ISO 14644-1 standard required. Their consumables division supply a full range of consumables, equipment and furniture to the cleanroom industry.

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