Business white paper reveals corporate strategy alignment for Next Economy success

An independent survey conducted on behalf of SuccessFactors and Accenture found that just fifteen percent of the responding organisations rated themselves ‘very good’ at aligning employee activities to corporate strategy. In response to the research, a white paper, which discusses the research findings and examines what will separate the winners from the losers in “the Next Economy”, has been released.

The business white paper, written by Erik Berggren, Vice President of Customer Results & Global Research at SuccessFactors, and Vinzenz Kremer, Managing Director and Executive Partner at Accenture, is titled “Who will win in the Next Economy?”. The paper’s executive summary states:

“Challenging, unfamiliar and frequently turbulent economic conditions appear to be the new normal. In this new economy – “the Next Economy” – winners and losers will emerge not as a consequence of picking the right strategy but from aligning the scarcest resource, talent, to execute that strategy.”

A conclusion of the business white paper is that responsibility for delivering solutions to the issues identified will most likely fall into the lap of Human Resources: alignment of the workforce; driving productivity; and nurturing the right talent in the right place for the future of the company. However, this raises the question: is HR leadership up to the task, and does it have the tools to deliver?

Business leaders need to carefully assess their own organisation’s status in relation to the study’s findings, as well as consider what “the Next Economy” looks like. “The Next Economy” will likely expose and widen the distance between companies that unleash the collaborative environment to execute strategy, versus those that rely on hierarchical communication behaviour and tools.

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