Cloggs announce the arrival of new Converse styles

The team at Cloggs are pleased to announce some of the best Converse shoes have just landed and are available online now.

Cloggs have highlighted the Converse Speciality High Tops which are a perfect blend of the original Converse All Star design (complete with the chuck patch) but with a great new design. The great thing about these boots is that they’re unisex, so if you wanted to get a pair for your girlfriend or boyfriend it wouldn’t be a problem…although matching his and hers pairs might be a little too much.

Converse, the durable and reliable shoe that has been around for over 100 years has always been popular amongst the staff here at

There aren’t many shoes that break the divisions and appeal to the masses. Converse, is one brand that does this, appealing to 5 to 65 year olds alike. These shoes are comfortable and practical and always look great with a pair of jeans.

There are a vast range of Converse available at , but we are most excited about some new Converse Slim lines. They’ve seen over the last year how popular this new style is, taking the Converse everyone knows and loves and simply ‘slimming’ the sole to give a twist to an old favourite.

One particular pair that has caught our eye and will get undoubtedly you some attention is the Slim Hi in Black and Yellow. This style fuses the new slim design, yet keeps the Converse rock ‘n’ roll elements at the forefront.

To browse the full Converse collection available at Cloggs including the latest Converse All Stars, visit