Health tourism real estate openings in Iceland

Health tourism real estate opportunities ideal for investors have opened at the Asbru Enterprise Park in Iceland by the Icelandic development company, Kadeco. Since the rise in cosmetic and medical tourism over the past few years, the Asbru Enterprise Park has been driving itself as the international centre for health and relaxation.

The park, which was formerly the NATO base in Iceland, holds select properties available for purchase at reasonable prices, including the sale of properties in full operation, such as the Icelandic Health Hotel ( The Icelandic Health Hotel specialises in health and wellness programs, where people stay for two weeks and eliminating alcohol, drugs, caffeine and also learn how to generally lead a healthy lifestyle.

A few examples of the properties on offer can been seen below:

There are numerous opportunities already tied to the development of health tourism within the area. Keflavik International Airport is located near the park, allowing for easier travel, as well as the Blue Lagoon, a prominent tourist hotspot, which is only 15 minutes away.

Based on the opportunities that reside in Reykjanes in the field of health, The Reykjanes Health Association has recently been established. The goals of the newly founded association are to market Iceland as the number one destination for health and medical tourism. A medical tourism clinic is being built at Asbru and it will open its doors during the fall of 2011. Health related tourist services will lead to increased diversity in the Reykjanes economy, create new jobs and increase foreign currency income.

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