Information on luxury Whirlpool baths

Whirlpool baths are renowned for their relaxation and possible aid in stimulating poor blood circulation and are now used in some rehabilitation clinics for this reason. Hydrotherapy is produced by the whirlpool when mixed with the heat of the water, this then releases endorphins from your body to enable your joints and muscles to relax.

If you are not accustomed to a whirlpool bath already then please let us introduce you to the finest quality here with UR Direct. UR Direct Whirlpools are like no other whirlpool you have known. Its style of bath and whirlpool system has been specially selected by our team of experts to give you the very best quality in whirlpool luxury.

Most whirlpools are either poorly made mast produced or not fully researched. Our whirlpools are made in the UK so there is no mass handling on your whirlpool and no travel damage overseas, which may cause further problems. Our whirlpools come with the finest finish you can find including quality systems and the best performance. We aim to strive for perfection on our whirlpools and that is what we have achieved with this quality whirlpool product.

Our whirlpool baths can have the following systems including 6 jet 8 jet 11 jet 14 jet. Because our baths are made in the UK and are not mast-produced means that they are made to order, what this means is that if one of these systems does not conform to your requirements, we can accommodate a system to your own specification, giving you the finest and exquisite whirlpool that is personally yours.

All of our whirlpool Bath systems are guaranteed on the system for two years and shell 25 years and are backed with an after sales service, in the event you encounter a problem.

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