Faxcompare Launches New Vendor Updates Section

FaxCompare, which provides free Internet fax reviews, has launched a new section known as ‘new vendor updates’. You can look for in-depth comparisons on top providers of online fax services here. Now, the site has come up with a new section which will give information when a vendor improves or updates his products.

FaxCompare.com was established to collect and manage information on top providers of online fax services. Online or digital or Internet fax uses a web fax service provider to change a facsimile transmission into a digital file. This file can be received through email and vice versa.

Now, comparisons of these services help customers to make an informed choice. They can make a comparison based on the features and the free online fax reviews that suits their needs. This is the best place to read Internet fax reviews.

You can read new updates of at least eight Internet fax reviews on this useful site. These reviews comprehensively discuss features, upgrades, and detailed pricing apart from covering customer service. In fact, the company had also done some thorough research about two years ago and listed nine updated internet fax service reviews. These reviews featured major modifications in service offerings as well as quality of service in general. You can take fax trials on the basis of these practical reviews and make an intelligent decision.

The earlier reviews provided were of companies like AirCom USA, OneSuite, RingCentral, Send2Fax, and eFax. These helpful free Internet fax reviews entail up-to-date service offerings of the dealers. The site users are conveniently able to make a comparison and make their choice. FaxCompare.com writes the most recent reviews based on new features and modifications made by these fax vendors. You can now save precious time and money with the new Vendor Updates section.

The company regularly audits different websites and products of internet fax service providers. The company also seeks advice and feedback from the service providers themselves. The company makes sure to re-test the services before updating the users about them. On the basis of the re-test, a re-review is written.

This free Internet fax site also welcomes sites which have not been listed on the site. They can contact the company executives. The other features of this resourceful site include fax comparison reviews and charts and buying tips. The comprehensive FAQ section will also resolve common faxing issues. The users can learn more about Internet faxing and use it more effectively. The most common questions are about faxing electronic signatures, how to set up an Internet fax account, questions on porting numbers, and adding new users.

The company has been instrumental in getting almost 200,000 people sign up for an Internet faxing service. FaxCompare.com gets heavy traffic day after day. The company executives have spent hours studying various web fax services to make it easy for the customers to make a choice. However, the free Internet fax reviews do not cover any issues related to technology or billing services.

If you have any questions on free Internet fax reviews, you can get in touch with the company executives by filling in an online form.