Multi functional handheld xDSL tester

GAO Comm is offering its handheld xDSL tester designed to test and analyse VDSL, ADSL, ADSL2 and ADSL2+ networks. It confirms whether a line is suitable for XDSL services and tests the physical, network and application layers at a high speed. Ethernet and cable tests can also be performed.

This compact xDSL tester, model V300, is capable of web browsing, web rate measurement and FTP speed measurement. It has the functions of a digital multi meter (DMM) such as testing loop resistance, insulation resistance, capacitance, AC-DC voltage and estimating wire length. Equipped with a PPPoE dial-up function, the tester can obtain an IP address and conduct Ping tests and looks for problems associated with IP broadband and LAN. Critical line threshold parameters can be set and compared to real test results to determine service qualification automatically. The tester has a Windows CE operating system with a graphical interface and a large memory capacity and can store up to 2000 ADSL test records.

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About GAO Comm

GAO Comm is an international leading provider of communication test instruments, equipment for the installation, testing and maintenance of communications infrastructures.


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