Great Quality Digital And Offset Press Prints For A Song

Every mature business has a requirement for business cards, envelopes, calendars and many other items from time to time. They could be printing these for special events or just need to stock up on their regular marketing collateral. Superior HR offers great new digital and offset Tisak prints on a wide range of print material. They are also experts on both kinds of printing techniques, helping clients choose the technology that is best for them.

When questioned about the relative advantages of digital press prints over offset printing, Superior Hr. spokespersons declined to choose one technology over the other. They believe that despite the great press that digital printing has garnered in recent times, offset printing also has its own benefits. They explained that while many mechanical steps like making films, proofs and plates are eliminated in digital printing, offset still promises a better image quality on a wider variety of substances.

Offset Lithography remains the most common printing technology for high volumes though digital printing is also gaining ground due to its relatively lower costs per print. Another great benefit that digital printing offers is customization, which allows printing of personalized artifacts. This is referred to as variable data printing, something that offset printing does not accommodate.

This makes it a great solution for direct marketing where the attempt is to produce personalized letters and collateral not to mention, gift items for high-value customers. The difference in quality is marginal at least from a routine use perspective but the flexibility is very high. Superior Hr. offers a checklist (given below) to help companies decide on the right technology:

Quantity: Larger quantities have a lower cost with offset printing while digital press printing is best for short loads.

Medium: If the print paper finish or size is unique in any way, you may need to go for offset printing since digital printing does not lend itself to that kind of flexibility.

Speed: Digital is always faster than offset.

Customization: Only digital offers the ability to customize, not offset.

For companies looking to print their yearend reports or any other marketing collateral, they would do well to take advantage of Superior Hr. printing expertise that lends itself to all sorts of things. Depending on their need, volume of print and budget, the staff would be happy to advise them on the best form of press printing technology for them.

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Superior. Hr offers high quality printing on all kinds of paper including business cards, invitations, envelopes, annual reports, catalogs and brochures.

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