Cutting back on B2B satisfaction surveys is a risky strategy: Jem Marketing

Jem MarketingCutting back on spending for satisfaction surveys is especially dangerous for the B2B sector warns Jem Marketing.  The B2B marketing specialists say that many companies risk serious wastage of time, money and effort by not establishing customer satisfaction and increasing sales and brand loyalty.

Satisfaction surveys enable businesses to identify their clients’ needs and business characteristics, which will allow them to deliver a more effective service.  Collating data to establish client satisfaction through market research is essential in building brand loyalty. 

Jane Evans of Jem Marketing commented, “Establishing and defining the real objectives of the clients means we can establish the most cost effective methodology, as well as providing our clients with informative analytics and reports, giving them the freedom to select the information that is most relevant to meet their objectives.”

The growth in online customer feedback has proved very valuable to the B2C sector as companies are getting more instant feedback directly from customers about their products and services – but this isn’t often the case for the B2B sector.

Jem Marketing

The direct marketing specialists warn that cutting out market research is especially damaging to the B2B sector where products and services are often very niche – and the market is based on a small number of people – all of whom are ‘influencers’.

“One complaint from a customer may be the starting point for a review of practices, but it’s far more valuable to have proper statistics on customer satisfaction and loyalty.”

B2B market research specialist, Jem Marketing, offers a money back guarantee to any client that can claim they are dissatisfied with their services.  Understanding market research is critical to running a successful business and driving the success of the business forward.  For more information on market research services visit,


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Based in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, Jem Sales and Marketing is a dynamic business that has been providing a range of marketing solutions since 1997, including Satisfaction Surveys, Market Profiling, Competitor Evaluation, Mystery Shopping, Lost sales/customer analysis.

Jem Marketing utilise bespoke qualitative research programmes, which they create to meet a clients specific objectives; to promote understanding, or diagnose problems or evaluate products and/or services using the most appropriate methodologies.

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