Try Fly Fishing for Salmon during your next holiday to Iceland

Salmon-biting0709Taking a holiday to Iceland this summer can offer you so much excitement! There are many things that Iceland has to offer such as the Blue Lagoon, the hot springs, mountain climbing, horseback riding, and much more.

What most people do not tend to realize is that Iceland exports and produces the most fish in the world; high quality fish too. Icelandic salmon is incredibly delicious as well as other Icelandic fish. Did you actually know that you can catch your own Icelandic salmon? An amazing activity to participate in during your stay in Iceland is fly fishing in Iceland.

From June until the end of September, fly fishing for salmon is very popular. Normal fishing seasons in Iceland for trout as well as other fish are usually from April and May until October. Although during the summer licenses need to be obtained, some permits such as for trout fishing can be given on short notice. Salmon permits should be reserved well in advanced however.

The rivers and lakes in Iceland offer much salmon, trout, and other types of fishes. Any fisherman can learn a lot by experiencing angling in Iceland. Imagine your first moments in Iceland; you arrive and experience a hot, summer Icelandic day and fish in the rivers during the midnight sun after relaxing in a warm lagoon or swimming pool.

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(Photo/by Oli Kristinn)


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