Big hopes for investments in Big emerging nations

russian dollsPran Tiku, founder and principal of Peak Financial Management Inc., whose firm has approximately $250 million in total assets under management and 200 clients with assets that range from about $1 million to $55 million, believes that emerging markets of Brazil, Russia, India, China, Mexico and South Korea, known as BRIC countries will grow out of the current recession, much more so than developed markets.

Tiku has a strong view that investing in these countries is currently a very good option. He highlights numbers for the last several months that show emerging markets are flying up: China’s 48 percent up, India’s 87 percent, Russia has increased 108 percent and Brazil 60 percent.Tiku said that the main reason financial advisors universally stay caution regarding BRIC emerging markets is they are perceived as unpredictable. According to Taku, in a short term many of these emerging markets are unstable but in a long term there are serious opportunities exist in these markets and serious money can be made.  

Currently, American and Russian leaders are bringing closer ties for business; companies have increasing interest in doing business with Russia. As a major promise for success in doing business with emerging markets it does require awareness and sensitivity to the cultural differences. This apply to traditional and internet marketing. One of the companies that have knowledge of cross-cultural approach to Internet marketing is Nordic eMarketing.

Nordic eMarketing has years of knowledge in developing Internet Marketing strategies and offers a wide range of services and expertise necessary for companies targeting such emerging markets as Russia. The company is probably one of few in Scandinavia that offers multilingual online marketing tactics and targeted sales strategies designed to help any business in gaining marketplace in Russia, China and other BRIC countries.

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