Foreign investors interested in Asbru health village

westfjordsThere has been increased interest in recent weeks of possible health related investments in the Asbru health village next to the Keflavik International Airport in Iceland.

Among investors who have been visiting the site and examining possibilities are Otto Nordhus of Nordhus Medical and Salt Investments which is majority owned by Robert Wessman, former CEO of pharmaceutical company Actavis. Nordhus wants, in collaboration with Salt Investments, to engage the medical tourism industry, performing surgical operations on Nordic visitors who are on long waiting lists in their home countries. Nordhus has already secured contracts with the Norwegian and Swedish authorities. Post and pre-operation care would be handled in the Asbru health village where there are plenty of apartments available for healthcare related developments.

There are already several companies working in the Asbru health village which are attracting health tourism. One major success is Detox Jonina Ben, which is a health-therapy centre specialising in Detox therapy. Detox therapy is a wellness method developed in Poland and is aimed at enabling the body to heal itself. Since it opened its doors in the Asbru health village it has been operating at full capacity.

Also in the Asbru health village is the Keilir IAK personal trainer programme which has been attracting a lot of attention. Recently nine members of the Icelandic handball national team, which claimed silver in the last Olympic Games, signed up as students in the programme.

The Reykjanes health organisation (Ice: Heilsufélag Reykjaness) owned by the Reykjanes municipalities, the Keflavik airport development corporation (Kadeco) the Blue Lagoon and the Keilir school of health is working as a co-ordinating body for the different parties which are working at the Asbru health village.

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