Square Curve

image-block-tim-miller-copy1Mark Knight: Knight picked up the brush in his youth but his passion for art was hidden until a back injury gave him the time to rekindle his zest for creativity. Mark is still exploring himself as an artist and currently experimenting with style and media, this is reflected with his wide variety of works. His pieces are instantly striking and provoke an immediate response.

Tim Miller: Miller has been creating serious art for over 15 years and has now developed his own individual, fiery and abstract style. His work ranges from images of New York to the
subtle tones of the orchid.
Highly abstract, his pieces are generally produced with acrylics onto canvas using, mainly, a combination of pallet knifes and brushes ranging from small tabletop pieces, to large scale pieces.. Depending on the mood of the painting these works can be a real focal point or they can blend subtly into any space. He has always had a passion to create interesting artworks that draw the viewer into the piece, allowing them to explore the layers, changes and details giving great artistic value. Tim goes on a very creative journey for each painting until a timeless and sublime conclusion is reached.