National PEO Provides Increased Efficiency for Organizations

National PEO, a team of Arizona professionals dedicated to increasing productivity in various businesses. By taking over back office HR services for small to medium sized businesses, National PEO allows organizations to increase efficiency internally, while maintaining important business procedures for them.

Whether HR solutions, payroll outsourcing services, worker’s compensation and benefits, recruitment programs or IT solutions, National PEO and its combined 30 years of executive experience has provided countless companies such as schools, mortgage firms, hospitality industry clients, home care companies, manufacturing companies as well as labor-intensive production companies.

National PEO’s team of professionals not only provides customer service, but is directly connected with the Professional Employer Organization industry, while helping to write legislation for it. A leading provider of PEO services, National PEO uses innovative and powerful leadership techniques to take responsibility off the shoulders of numerous companies.

The company is best known for its payroll outsourcing services. From payroll administration to online payroll entry, National PEO does it all for their clients to ensure their employees are paid and on time. Pay Card information, a general ledger interface as well as tax payment and filing services are all additional options available for National PEO clients. Lastly, ASO services allow businesses to do “business,” while professionals take care of the administration portions of the business.

Another service provided in the HR solutions portion of the company’s offering is Everify. Everify allows a human resource team to process each new hire that a client reports to us and ensures that they are legal to work in the U.S. E-Verify also allows National PEO to audit I-9’s and ask any questions regarding your verification system to ensure a company is protected.

Perhaps what is most popular regarding the countless services of National PEO is their availability in either bundles or ala carte. This allows their clients to achieve results by employing National PEO for the services they deem most important for a professional to handle. No pressure is made on purchasing a bundle and many of their clients receive different services from the company.

No matter the services a company chooses to employ National PEO for, results are achieved. By allowing a company to focus on their business, professionals can handle the HR, IT and payroll outsourcing services needed to keep a business running. Ultimately, truly successful businesses become that way because they focus on their business goals and mission statements. By not allowing payroll responsibilities or benefit services to get in the way of results, National PEO is there guiding businesses from all niche markets and industries to success.

Handling the back office functions of a business is National PEO’s best talent. With a team-driven atmosphere, the company will save companies valuable time and money by administering various services for companies. Some additional services offered that have not previously been mentioned include:

 Health Benefits (Group Medical and Dental Insurance
 Employee Benefits (401K, Retirement, etc.)
 Employee handbooks
 W-4 Forms Maintenance
 W-2 Preparation and Reporting
 Unemployment
 Wage Garnishments
 Government reporting (HR Department)

For companies just beginning with National PEO, a professional will analyze their payroll and human resource departments and provide a plan of action for management. Working together to find a system that works, National PEO will save each company countless dollars in the long term. By granting businesses additional time with their customers, a higher personal relationship level can be achieved. This personal experience may generate increased business!

For more information on payroll outsourcing services and EVerify as well as any additional back office administrative services, visit National PEO’s official website or call 480-429-8098 for more information on what a PEO can do for you today!

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