How do I get my Google Page rankings up? Help!

19 May 2009 – London – Did you know?

– 73% of all online transactions begin with search engines.
– 85% of users only look at the first page of results.
– 500 million searches are completed each day.

According to the Office of National Statistics in 2008 UK businesses sold £130.4bn of products and services online and bought £102.5bn of products and services online.

Knexus Digital, the essential digital marketing resource, has teamed up with Grant Whiteside of Ambergreen (technical director at one of the UK’s leading search marketing agencies), to provide insights into how these numbers can spell success for you –by optimising SEO strategy to effectively target the right consumers!

Ashmi Ahluwalia, Product Manager at Knexus Digital said, “81% of internet users use search engines to find websites and the importance of search in the online marketing mix is an uncontested fact. Additionally, understanding search strategy is a compelling means of targeting the right consumers keeping in mind the amount of time web -users spend on Google. Ultimately, measurability of conversions (essential aspects of Search) can help marketers account for their ROI.”

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