Sunset launches “Inside Out”, a digital book on pelvic floor problems & exercises

Summary: Sunset Digital Books has just launched an eBook on pelvic floor problems in women. Worldwide, women worldwide, over 40 years of age are potentially damaging their pelvic floor region through inappropriate exercises and use of certain gymnasium equipment. With the correct advice on the right kind of exercise, these women can address their pelvic floor problems and exercise with confidence and control.
Brisbane, Australia. 18 May 2009. Experts Michelle Kenway (physiotherapist) and Professor Judith Goh (Uro-gynecologist) have teamed up to produce Inside Out, a comprehensive guide to pelvic floor problems & exercises that explains safe, effective exercise for good health, fitness and pelvic floor support.
Some exercises that are commonplace in gyms and exercise classes, including sit-ups, are contributing to distressing pelvic floor problems in women at risk—especially women over 40 years of age, after childbirth, in menopause, or following commonly performed surgical procedures such as hysterectomy and vaginal repair. Women in various at-risk groups are encouraged to exercise, but repeated inappropriate exercise and poor technique can cause catastrophic pelvic floor problems such as vaginal prolapse where, literally, their insides fall out. Similarly, incorrect exercise can result in bladder control problems. To rectify these issues, pelvic floor exercise is recommended, but many women are embarrassed by their condition and lose confidence in their ability to perform even the most fundamental exercises to maintain fitness and well-being.
“Some ladies actually present to the gynecologist after joining the gymnasium because they find that they now leak urine with exercise or feel that there is a vaginal prolapse. Many of the exercises and gymnasium machines are designed for those without risk of pelvic floor problems,” Professor Judith Goh said.

As an essential guide for women at risk, Inside Out is an illustrated and professionally produced digital book (eBook) that provides females with:
• essential everyday understanding of a woman’s pelvic floor anatomy
• innovative and comprehensive exercise workouts with expert tips and safety guidelines
• understanding of potentially unsafe, popular classes (yoga/pilates/circuit) and gym exercises
• skills and understanding for effective abdominal and pelvic floor exercise
• stories from women who have overcome pelvic floor problems.

Inside Out: the essential women’s guide to pelvic support is designed to be user-friendly and readily accessible. Priced at US$19.95, the eBook can be purchased online only at:

Following the advice in this eBook, at-risk women can address their pelvic floor problems and exercise with confidence and control. In some cases, the symptoms can even be reversed.

About the authors

Michelle Kenway is a Brisbane-based physiotherapist. Her role as consulting physiotherapist in the Women’s Health Unit, Mater Private Hospital—Redland, and her long-term experience as a private practitioner in women’s health have provided her with a comprehensive understanding of the health and fitness challenges confronting women. Michelle treats women following gynecological surgery at The Mater Redland, conducts weekly exercise sessions for pelvic floor issues, bone health and spinal stability, and is an educational presenter. Professor Judith Goh is a Uro-gynecologist visiting Mater Private Redland, and Professor, School of Medicine Griffith University, Queensland.

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